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THE ANNUAL 2023 CAFE ROUND UP | Inside Gold Coast

Updated: Feb 13

Check us out on Inside Gold Coast's round up of the newest and most nom-worthy café’s on the GC here.

The Winey Cow opened in Main Beach in March, bringing Melbourne’s famed boozy brunch culture to our sunny shores. As the (un)official haven for this delightful mid-morning indulgence, The Winey Cow promises the perfect blend of breakfast and lunch, complemented by a generous serving of giggle-juice. Boasting accolades such as Café of the Year and Best Breakfast Restaurant in Melbourne, this family-friendly café, owned by the dynamic team of Cam and Jill Henderson, Jade Bremner, Rui Lourenco, Britt Ryan, and Magenta Hornsey, has quickly become the talk of the town. The menu, highlighted by the signature Boozy Brunch and a diverse array of mouthwatering dishes, has locals and their furry friends wagging their tails in approval.

Where: 5/11 Woodroffe Ave, Main Beach

Best Brunch and Lunch Gold Coast

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