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The innovation of players running around after their shots is fun but you may find yourself longing for a leisurely stroll over the course

There are a handful of Nintendo Switch accessories on sale through the "Mario Day weekend." To start, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - Mario Set Mario Edition, an augmented-reality Nintendo Switch game that lets you control a real Mario Kart toy through a course you set up in your own home, is on sale for just $60 -- a price cut of $40.


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The price of Nintendo Switch Online varies depending on whether you like to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. There is also family membership which includes up to eight Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions. Each different family member can use the full Nintendo Switch Online privileges on different consoles or even the same Switch.

* can only be exchanged once, for its total value, and with the same currency used to acquire the code.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022? Plus, how to find the best deals

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Mario Kart has always been a popular gaming experience, especially with friends. While it will always be a pillar of console gaming, having the series on the go and more accessible to more racers is what gives the Switch version a major advantage. By giving the title a portable option, the grand prix party doesn't have to be locked to the home console.

Edit- looks like Ireland shares a store with the UK

A Nintendo Switch Online app is available for iOS and Android, and offers voice chat and multiplayer hubs for supported games.

^ Originally exclusive to Western regions, but was eventually released in Japan on February 17, 2021.

You can't go rong with LEGO! No matter which title you choose, you'll be in for a low-stress, silly time.

Splatoon, the family-friendly ink shooter, is a big seller for Nintendo, so the announcement of Splatoon 3 was a welcome inevitability. The Splatoon series has captured imaginations worldwide with its bright and fast-paced gameplay, fresh music, and the hotly contested Splatfests. Splatoon 3's setting as shown in the reveal trailer is a Mad Max-style desert wasteland, which looks moody as hell and a like fascinating location for waging turf wars. One of the new weapons revealed is a bow capable of shooting ink arrows to take out opposition inklings and claim territory for your team. Both Splatoon games released so far have been brilliant fun for all ages, which is exactly what we're expecting when Splatoon 3 splashes onto Nintendo Switch sometime in 2022.

If the only question you have prior to playing Ultra Street Fighter II is "I want to know if this is the ultimate version of Street Fighter II", then chances are you're going to come away impressed. The gameplay is as tight and enjoyable as ever, and there's a simplicity to the game engine which makes it incredibly appealing. Sadly, Capcom's attempts to add value to this likeable yet aging template fall totally flat. Buddy Mode is so brief it borders on being pointless, while Way of the Hado – complete with its laughable motion controls – is something you'll only fire up once. Unfortunately, Ultra Street Fighter II represents Capcom at its most lazy and exploitative; this really should have been a low-cost digital download. It's still a fantastic one-on-one fighter, but if you need another version of this game in your life, you should perhaps explore cheaper options.

5/3/2017: And lo, the Switch Bests list was created! No updates yet. Expect more in the near future as we add more games, eventually capping the list at 12.

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If you're looking to save a little on spending, then opt for one of our handy bundles where you can pair a console, game or accessory in one glorious package deal. The video game arena isn't a one-horse race, with Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series S also hot on the competition, you're truly spoilt for choice.

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Nintendo eShop Digital Cards are redeemable only through the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS family of systems

Get as organised on your Nintendo Switch as you would in "Unpacking." Credit: Witch Beam

You might not think you could make a game about unpacking boxes—something you've probably put off doing in real life—and that it could be fun. Yet Unpacking, from developer Witch Beam, pulled it off. Its pixelated, point-and-click style and chill beats make for a cozy experience, while the game uses environmental storytelling to draw you into a world that's about so much more than the stuff you're pulling out of boxes.

Xenoblade Chronicles has a lot of history behind it. With a story from Xenogears director Tetsuya Takahashi and musical contributions from Yasunori Mitsuda, it forges a direct link to the days of classic PS1-era RPGs. Originally released on Wii in 2010, it received a comprehensive update in 2020 thanks to Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, which we called the "best version of Xenoblade Chronicles we've ever had."

The Nintendo eShop is a digital distribution service powered by the Nintendo Network for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch and by a dedicated online infrastructure for the Nintendo Switch.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a fantastic platformer that had one major drawback when it was released on Wii U in 2014: true to the series’ tradition, it was very difficult. It could be hard to appreciate the abundance of verve and creativity jammed into each of the game’s levels when you were constantly dying. Tropical Freeze’s Switch port addresses that problem with a new “Funky Mode” that offers several ways to make things easier, all without losing the colorful playfulness that makes it such an unusually appealing game. There are a lot of good platforming series out there but none quite like Donkey Kong Country. Tropical Freeze is a more than worthy entry in the series.

Even if you don’t find golf that appealing in the real world, it’s a different story as soon as Mario steps onto the course. Mario Golf: Super Rush is another excellent addition to the plumber’s sports-based excursions, combining the tight, golf-inspired gameplay of its predecessors with the excesses you’d typically expect from a Mario game. Super shots, wacky golf courses, and even running from shot to shot in a mad dash to complete holes faster than your opponents combine for an experience that would make Arnold Palmer roll in his grave. Few moments in gaming feel better than lining up the perfect shot and sinking a hole-in-one, especially when you get to see Waluigi’s celebration afterwards.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a tactical role-playing game by way of Dawson’s Creek, as much a challenging game of chess as a matchmaking service for a camp of teenaged anime screw-ups. As much as Three Houses hews to Fire Emblem traditions (spear-sword-axe, anyone?) and plays tropes of Japanese role-playing games straight, it also takes necessary departures in its plot and mechanics. By the end of the game you’ll want to play it again immediately—not just to replay the puzzling tactical battles, but to see the narrative and characters from a new perspective. There are multiple outcomes, each of which ends up at a completely different place. Completionists, eat your heart out.

Why do I have a feeling that something else should replace Fortnite on this list?

Note: We previously listed Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp as a March release, although that date hasn't been officially confirmed just yet: it's still set for Spring 2022. Apologies — we shall reinstate it if we get official word on the release date (and if it's in March, of course).

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If you know a gamer with a Nintendo Switch, chances are they use the Nintendo eShop to buy games and other downloadable content. To make holiday shopping easy, Nintendo offers eShop gift cards at most major retailers in various amounts. Online stores, like Amazon and Best Buy, even sell digital codes for instant redemption with no wasted paper or time.

Believe it or not, this “new” Donkey Kong Country game was actually released a few years ago on the Wii U. It's a 3D side-scroller port where you play as DK or one of his many friends to help save their home from Vikings.

@OorWullie I had the exact opposite reaction to Limbo and Gone Home. I found Limbo to be a pretty mediocre game, mostly based on trial and error, with underused gameplay mechanics, pointlessly dark and vapidly pretentious.

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It's relaxing, it's fulfilling, but most of all, it's addictive in all the best ways. It also happens to be ridiculously popular and accessible, and a good way to while away the hours while you’re stuck at home trying to quarantine should you find yourself down with the (COVID) sickness.

and the European version of the following consoles:

When you're done making the purchase click Close. You'll find the game downloading on the Switch's main menu.

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Rediscovered this article from the "how short is short" article, and I'd like to take the opportunity to discuss 198X. I spent an entire summer afternoon from 4PM to about 7PM on it, I was that hooked. It was a very short but very potent experience. The games had interesting enough play - they were mini-games, nothing much on their own - but the story they told of a latchkey misfit in the 80s of unclear gender (meaning they could literally be any of us), really stuck with me.

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Nintendo has updated the Switch, adding a feature that allows gamers to create folders to put their games in, making them easier to find.

@Primarina Agreed. I'm glad Liar Princess did well enough to get a sort of sequel. The genre shift seems like it might be a good fit for them, too.

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Take a look at the latest games or follow your favorite streamers, now available on the go with your Nintendo Switch. Whether you're looking to see if you want a game for yourself or just want some video game entertainment without the work, Twitch is the place.

^ "US Platinum Videogame Chart". The Magic Box. Archived from the original on April 21, 2007. Retrieved September 27, 2007.

Your favorite little green dinosaur is back, and this time around, he’s not just Mario and Luigi’s sidekick. In this platformer, you get to discover Yoshi's world and lead him on a whole new adventure. Its 40-plus levels are filled to the brim with hard-to-find collectibles.

Nintendo Switch players ought to be aware of the exclusive benefits that Nintendo Online membership grants. First of all, Nintendo Switch Online comes in two subscription types: individual and family. An individual membership covers one user, while the family subscription grants access to Nintendo Switch Online for up to 8 different Nintendo accounts. The memberships also vary in the period of time of subscription:

It allows you to play in co-op and there are codes to unlock for the full release. If you do play the demo, know that your progress will not carry over come March 25th or when you buy the full experience.

Redeem balance ONLY through the Nintendo eShop and other Nintendo shopping services, including Nintendo systems that offer access to the Nintendo eShop, to download content such as games and other features, or to purchase items (subject to availability).

Important Note: Nintendo eShop Gift Card (US) sold by SEAGM is a digital code. This gift card is redeemable for eShop accounts in the United States region.

Log on to and create an account if you don't have one. You will need to provide a US shipping address. Unlike the Switch eShop, you can't get away with a fictitious one. You can provide a random address based on US landmarks, information for which can be found a search away, or if you use a global shipping service like Borderlinx or ShopAndShip, you can use the US address provided to you as a legitimate shipping address.

For a more traditional Pokemon experience, Pokemon Sword and Shield are the latest games in the mainline franchise for Nintendo Switch. Though they have a familiar loop, Sword and Shield introduce a large open-world type area known as the Wild Area where you can discover and catch new Pokemon and explore diverse environments. Sword and Shield adopted Let's Go's feature of showing Pokemon on the map, but you still have to battle them like normal. With new raid events added regularly and a pair of expansions out now, it's always a great time to jump in. Pokemon games don't require extensive role-playing game knowledge to enjoy, though you can really get into the details if you want. Regardless, Sword and Shield are must-plays for young Pokemon fans and serve as great primers for JRPGs.

A Good Match For: Those who like a challenge. Metroidvania fans. Anyone looking for a deep, rewarding game to really sink their teeth into.

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We called The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword the third best Zelda on the Nintendo Switch. That's called damning with faint praise, but the competition is stiff.

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Hyrule is in danger again, and Link must save it. That's been the theme for nearly every Legend of Zelda game, and it's still the case in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The series' basic premise and Link/Zelda/Ganon dynamic are present, but nearly everything else is different. The classic Zelda dungeon-exploration structure is replaced by a huge open world that's filled with destructible weapons, monsters, puzzles, and quests. Breath of the Wild's scope is one previously unseen in the Zelda series, and Nintendo executes the adventure-filled world with aplomb.

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