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Inside the studio flat smaller than a parking space - and it's on sale for £150,000

Avoid the Gerrard-Lampard issue by having one central midfielder take an attacking role and set one to be more defensive. Play to your strengths. Ensure the full backs drop into defence when you lose the ball and use direct passing to keep those strikers moving.


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1. You can skip the 'Welcome to FIFA' segment.

You can preview one gold pack every 24 hours, so make sure to do this every day. Rarely you will get a pack worth purchasing, but it serves as an excellent reminder that most of the packs you would have opened otherwise would have been a massive waste of money.

Playing both online against players and offline against the AI give players a chance to rack up the coins, and Fifa has a number of boosters available that multiply the number of coins dished out at the end of each game.

Armel Bella-Kotchap, 19 (71-85) – CB: With Dante’s best years behind him, you’ll need to find a replacement. Bella-Kotchap plays for the newly promoted Bundesliga side VFL Bochum. He’s tall (6’2), quick (76 PAC) and very strong (85 physical). He has all the attributes of a modern centre back and will grow rapidly if you play him and train him well. He’s valued at a very affordable €5m, so you’ll get your money’s worth, and alongside Jean-Clair Todibo, you’ll have a talented centre-back pairing in the making.

Free FIFA Points for Fifa 22 Ultimate Edition

How much do you think Bale will cost in a few weeks time because of the crash?

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This may change once the first gameplay patch comes (likely in November), but the most effective tactic thus far is the finesse shot from outside the box – side-footing a curler around the keeper, and into the top corner. To attempt this, work the ball around the edge of the D until you have a clear line at goal, then hold down shoot in conjunction with R1 (on PlayStation) or RB (on Xbox). Practice makes perfect, of course. Happy netbusting.

Used by Capello at Roma, and more excitingly by Scolari with Brazil in 2002, when Ronaldo played behind Rivaldo and Ronaldinho, and used wingbacks as wingers. It requires a rock-steady back three and it’s vulnerable to a back four with good wingbacks.

The official release date for FIFA 22 is October 1st, but many players - ourselves included - have already got access to the game via EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate. In our case we even got a review version, without the 10-hour limitation, which allowed us to explore a number of functions and possibilities within the game. As such, here are six tips that can help you play better and improve the overall gaming experience.

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Go to "Kick Off", select "UEFA Champions League", then choose "Final" and win the game. To minimize time and effort, put the game half as 4 minutes in settings before starting the game. It is advised to play this with an extra controller, turn on the Competitive Master Switch and to let the game run out to a penalty shoot-out to also achieve Bring it on and Intuition and Execution within a single game.

And like we said: for each and every game, you get coins. You'll progress through the Season Progress and will be getting Coin Boosts, so every minute in FUT counts. At least if you do it the right way. And that is why we are here, to tell you how.

While this may be expensive for some, others will be intrigued to find out how FIFA Points can be claimed free of charge in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

2. Trigger execution

If you’re a fan of Guardiola’s style, you can try and emulate his preferred formation. Hailed as a tactical genius, the Spanish manager now employs a 4-3-3 system at Manchester City to great success.

"One of my favourite quotes is 'wins and lessons, rather than losses'. When you lose a game of FIFA, take tips from you opponent - how did they score? what formation did they use? Learning from peers and people better than you will only improve you as a FIFA player."

Keep silver players and only sell them when prices are >2k (lots sell up to 10k).

You can bid on up to 50 cards at any one time. Any that you win can then immediately be ‘flipped’ back onto the transfer market, at a minimum value of 500 coins, and often closer to 800. Like with rules 7 and 8, be sure to compare current prices of the same card before listing. I flip 20-or-so cards per day in this way just to keep my coin balance flowing.

(Image credit: EA)

Cycle through each Live SBC, then transfer list all cards which are required or useful at a price 100-200 coins higher than the lowest Buy Now price. Bronze cards needed for these challenges often go for more than 1,000 coins – a decent increase on the 750 coins you originally spent to find them in a bronze pack.

It’s not a good idea to keep it pressed for all the time, switching on and off makes it more fluid. Just no spam tapping.

Reach 90 OVR with your Avatar in VOLTA FOOTBALL

I’m back (again) with a guide on dribbling as suggested. Before I start I do want to make it clear that skill moves are viable and pretty good this year. The reason I'm not including them (except ball roll) is because I'm beyond useless with them. I’m not comfortable giving tips on something I’m bad at.

Icon SBCs are very popular in the game due to the rarity of the rewards that they provide. The Icon cards are one of the best-rated cards in the game and the Prime Moments are the highest tier even among the Icon cards. Prime Moments are very rare and have a high value in the FUT Market. These are also one of the hardest to get and getting them for free in SBCs is a great way for the players to get player items.

The Nintendo Switch version of FIFA in recent years has been a squad update rather than a new game and that's again the case with the FIFA 22 Legacy Edition. It will feature the latest kits, clubs, and squads along with an updated visual identity, but gameplay features and modes will carry over from Fifa 22 without new enhancements.

Are we not concerned that the current TOTW might be the most supplied TOTW all year?

First, look for players assigned to BEL 1, CHN 1, ENG 1, ENG 2, ESP 1, FRA 1, GER 1, ITA 1, LIB, MEX 1, MLS, NED 1, SAU 1, SUD, or TUR 1. If you're planning to do those League SBCs, send them to your club. If not, send them straight to the transfer list.

Getting used to who they are, and how they are used, will help you out with not just competing with the opposition, but seeing what cards you should be going for yourself.

Whether you’re trying to take the step up from World Class to Legendary or from Division 1 to Elite, FIFA 22 tactics and formations are all about learning what works for you.

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Quick! i have a valencia IF going for 100k with 3.5 min left! HURRY!

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Once you hit level 25 in player career, your Trophy / Achievement will unlock.

Fifa 22 Free Fifa Coins

I think they're applicable on both, but i do play on PS4.

"Last year in FIFA you could take control of all the runs off the ball, meaning you control where players move and groove in the final third. It will take a while to get used to, but by simply pressing both analogue sticks in together you can move players freely off the ball and create some devastating attacks."

I saw for the Hakimi SBC that the lowest squad was 6k BIN, I thought I could beat that easily. Made a squad of Libertadores rares under 65 rating that cost 200-300 coins each and the cheapest gold Frenchie I could find. The squad came to a total cost of about 3.5k.

Free Coins On Fifa Mobile 21

By placing players from the same club, league or nationality next to each other, you will create links in your team.

What shall I do with bronze players ? Gold contracts are 400 coins cheaper than fifa 12 and loads cheaper than 11 why?

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, or FUT 22 as it's also known, is the flagship mode in FIFA 22, where you're tasked with collecting Players in order to assemble teams of superstars from both the past and present. Chemistry is a key mechanic which buffs the attributes of Players, if they're positioned alongside teammates of the same nationality, league, or real-world team. In this part of our FIFA 22 guide, we'll help you to build an unstoppable Ultimate Team and show you how to win more matches in modes like Division Rivals.

Discover the world of esports and video games. Stay up to date with news, opinion, tips, tricks and reviews.

For more on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, here’s a guide to all of the objectives and rewards in ICON Swaps 2.

9 ~ Teamwork Works 15, Point To Prove 30, Be My Guest 15, Friends For Life 15, Winning Mentality 30, True Grit 15, Design And Conquer 90, Dream Debut 15, Our Club, Our Rules 15,

The time has come, and you can finally prove yourself in the biggest mode of FIFA 22. What rank do you reach? Is your style of play and your team competitive? And do your friends reach a higher rank than you? So many questions. All information in this article will have a positive effect on your Weekend League. Seriously.

This trophy can be achieved in Kick Off mode. You need a second controller for this since Kick Off is exclusively offline. You can also connect the second controller through remote play if you don’t have a physical second controller. Play 5 games with an extra controller or a friend in head-to-head mode. To minimize time and effort, you can select house rules and first to score one goal. After 5 games, you will earn this trophy.

When Should You Buy and Sell Players in FIFA 22?

To add, another risky but easy profit is trading icons. Their price bounces up and down daily. For example: 87 barnes goes from 270k-320k daily.

Ok so I have bought a few Oscars from when he was at Internacional, I got them quite cheap and I’m wondering how much more I should sell them for? Please answer 🙂

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LB: Gaya (83) – packed

Trade in players you know the value of. Learn maybe 10 really really well.

Excellent guide. The Herrera spin you just flick L3 or did after hold L1 to a controlled first touch?

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