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Useful tools for SEO optimization

If you have just started your journey in studying SEO optimization and SEO copywriting, we offer you to consider interesting resources with which acquaintance with search engine optimization will be faster and more interesting.

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SEO Tools: Basic Tasks

One of the most important tasks of such tools is to provide easy automatic selection of keywords. These resources will help you determine what is working effectively and where adjustments are needed.

Using SEO tools, you can get data analysis and reports that compare search results by country or language. This will also help you work effectively.

Forget about manual analysis and multiple tables, with the help of modern resources, you can create reports in minutes.

We offer to consider what tools can help you simplify the work of SEO copywriting.


Powerful assistant for website promotion. This tool is most often recommended and used by SEO professionals. Ahrefs resource features will help you analyze keywords, competitor profiles, backlinks.

Using this service, you can search for content cited specifically in your niche, also check and fix incorrectly working links, analyze content that attracts the user.

A useful and interesting feature will be “Site Audit”. This tool will help you figure out what you need to work on to improve your site's ranking in search engines.


A resource that helps to solve basic tasks for SEO. You will be able to track keywords, competitor analysis, ranks, site audit, backlinks, etc. Serpstat is a fairly versatile and multifunctional search engine optimization platform that will be comfortable working on developing your content.

One of the useful features is “Missing keywords”. This tool helps you identify the keywords with which your competitors rank highest in the search results, but you don't have those words.

Google Search Console

A free and accessible resource that helps you track and report on your site's presence in Google search results. Thus, the site owner will be able to analyze the perception of his resource by the search engine and users, and based on this data, improve performance.

Keywords Everywhere

Special extension for the Chrome web browser. This tool searches for top keywords using data from Google SEO resources such as Analytics, Trends, Console, and more. Combining the data of these tools helps you get better ranking results and save you time by using only one service instead of several.


This SaaS platform is one of the most beloved among SEO professionals. It can be used to explore site rank data and, based on that score, create new opportunities to improve the site's performance.

In addition, this resource will help you compare domains and keywords, as well as get data about traffic, competitors, and site search.

An interesting and useful tool of the SEMRush platform will be the function of comparing your site with competitors - DomainVsDomain.


One of the most useful SEO services for searching and selecting keywords. This resource not only finds organic keywords very quickly and accurately, but also shows you whether to target specific words. You can also find out the volume of keywords and competitors here.

Answer The Public

A free program for analyzing queries that people enter in search engines. This way, you can get the exact information your audience is looking for and improve your content based on that data.

In addition, this tool is useful in that it helps with finding blog topics. Having collected the maximum number of questions from the target audience, you can give answers to them in the form of an article, etc.


This SEO resource specializes directly in backlinks. With it, you can analyze the number of such links. Other than that, Majestic works like most SEO resources, helping you find keywords and analyze your site.

A useful feature of this tool is the creation of a rating of the Million Best Sites.


This resource will help you find long keyword phrases that have no competition. Also here you will find a lot of ideas for keywords to increase the ranking of the site, and additional tools will show the site's ranking.


A handy resource that provides information about the overall assessment of the site, tips for improving the technical and creative side of the web resource, reporting on marketing data. With Woorank, you can get advice on duplicate content, security issues, and more.

Also, this resource can be used to analyze keywords, Woorank shows how they perform over time and whether they need optimization.


Detailed SEO analytics service. Here you can explore search queries for keywords not only on your own site, but also conduct a competitive analysis. You'll find out the number of keywords your competitors are organic in the first place, the number of clicks on their property, who their competitors are, and what ad campaigns they run.


A popular resource for SEO professionals. Here you will find a lot of useful tools, ranging from keyword research to general assessment and website crawling. You will also have the opportunity to learn how the site works and what improvements it needs. With the help of a free toolbar that is displayed on each page, you can get acquainted with the main indicators of the site.

Google Trends

A useful application from Google that shows the frequency of searches for specific terms in relation to general search queries in different countries and languages. In addition, users of this resource will be able to see the main trends in different areas.


A tool that will give you a detailed report on various SEO characteristics such as HTPP titles, anchor keywords, URLs, site visibility in search results, etc.

You can conduct an analysis for any web resource, your own or a competitor's.


A resource that uses a similar principle as Google Suggest. This is a keyword research tool. It will help you find many new keywords that will be related to your search query using Google Autocomplete.


A tool with which you can examine your own site, identify major breakdowns, such as duplicate content or incorrectly working links. Duplicate content is one of the most painful SEO problems, so using this resource will help improve the performance of web pages.

The service also gives a comparative report of your site and other web resources.

Screaming Frog

A service that crawls your site and reports duplicate content, broken links, common errors, pending fixes, bad redirects, etc. These results can be reformatted into a table for ease of auditing.


With this tool, you can make a detailed analysis of your site in order to understand what should be your advantage over competitors and what you need to work on. The report is generated based on such criteria as link weight, resource ranking, general keyword analysis, site accessibility and trust level, indexing.

Fat Rank

An app for the Chrome browser that will show if your resource is ranking for a particular keyword. It is also convenient to monitor the rankings of keywords and the performance of your sites.

Internet Marketing Ninjas

This is a useful and multifunctional service that helps you with competitive site analysis, page optimization in accordance with keywords, and the creation of meta tags. You can also use this resource to detect broken links and redirects.

So, after getting acquainted with a variety of services, both free and paid, you can choose the method that suits your strategy, or use several at once to get your first achievements in the shortest possible time. We sincerely wish you success!

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