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The Skeld features a number of chambers that are all quite well connected to one another. This is not the situation with Polus, where one chamber is quite isolated from the rest of the map. Two long halls link to the Specimen Room, with Decontamination Rooms on the opposite ends.

There are a lot of allegations flying about in the discussion, but keep in mind that Impostors will frequently accuse someone who is not guilty. Don't just take the first accusation; it might be Impostors attempting to cull the herd.


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When debating who was present when a probable murder occurred, dead persons will disappear from the table, thus this may be an useful barometer to utilize.

Among Us supports four to ten players divided into two teams: one to three Imposters and the rest Crewmates. Crewmates win by completing easy tasks on the map or ejecting all Imposters. Imposters win by killing crew members and avoiding ejections until only a few crew members remain. When a body is discovered and reported, all players are summoned to a meeting for a debate. Players can then vote on who they believe are possible Imposters, or they can abstain if they are unsure. Here are some broad pointers to help you prepare for a game.

Induction is a type of logical reasoning wherein the crewmate will note a pattern of suspicious behavior or safe behavior from another player. Mentally, they are likely to assign points for suspicious versus safe behavior patterns and make judgements based on the more consistent pattern. This is often a longer waiting game where the crewmate observes for a few rounds, and particularly intense players may even keep notes to help them keep track. This kind of reasoning is a bit weaker than the other two, as players can fall prey to confirmation bias if they are looking too hard for suspicious behavior from another. Still, if Red notices that Cyan is performing a task and the taskbar moves, and can't seem to find where Yellow has gone, it is usually safe to assume Cyan is innocent and Yellow might be the Impostor.

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8. Take note of the cameras.

Make use of vents for a quick escape.

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Tips from Among Us for New Players

Impostor Suggestions and Techniques

NOTE: With the inclusion of the new Airship map, we've included a section on this page dedicated to helpful advice regarding the activities and layout related with it.

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Don't be scared to be out of the ordinary.

Turning down the lights limits Crewmates' eyesight, allowing you to conduct a swift kill even if others are around, before slinking off to another area of the ship. You can even set up sabotage events that force Crewmates to repair the machinery, and then repair it yourself to seem innocent.

Take note of the Kill Counter.

Playing in practice mode allows you to learn chores for each map. Take the time to do this if you want to outperform your more experienced pals.

In principle, your mission as a Crewmate is straightforward: escape death, fill up the task bar, and figure out who is murdering your crew. But, as it turns out, it's not that simple in practice. Crewmates who are good at the game must be perceptive, distrustful, communicative, and educated about the game. The Crewmate tips that follow will teach you how to do so. Oh, and if you're enjoying the game, why not check out some of the many additional games like Among Us so you can stress-test your friendships all over again?

Outside O2 on Polus in Among Us, there's a camera.

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Furthermore, this reactor is critical to winning the game. If the number of murders required equals the number of impostors remaining, calling the sabotage might prevent the crewmates from convening a meeting and push many individuals in one direction to fall directly into the impostor's blade.

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2. Kill all immune players right away.

If you just passed someone and then come upon a dead body in an upright position. Do not put your faith on your crewmates. They will need a convincing justification to justify their innocence throughout the voting process.


Polus is Among Us, according to MedBay.

It's one thing to stay safe and on task as a Crewmate, but you're looking for the greatest Among Us plan for working secretly as the Imposter. I've put up this Among Us guide to assist you get started, whether you're an honest Crewmate or a shady Imposter.

You obviously want the crew members to remove as many of their own as possible. However, in the early game, your objective should be to establish your own credibility. Covering for another player may thus be a good decision. A sentence like "I believe I observed pink finish a task, he is clear" can make you appear credible. Hopefully, the person you covered for will remember this and be less likely to vote you out later in the game.

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It may appear simple, yet this is how you win. Attempt to complete a bunch of chores in one area at a time. Not only will this help you to better monitor an area, but it will also allow you to get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time.

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The game involves 4-10 players who are dressed as astronauts from a spacecraft crew. Among these crewmates, one or three are "imposters" who seek to kill the other crew members while the other crew members desire to leave unhurt. To win the game, the crewmates must avoid being killed and fulfill the duties that have been set to them on the game's three maps. In crew meetings, the players may recognize and vote off imposters.

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The visual jobs overwhelm you in determining who your "real" crewmates are, so don't squander them. Tasks are only carried out by crewmates, and if you observe someone carrying out a job, you can be certain that they are not imposters. In an emergency meeting, visual chores can also assist you show your innocence.

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Understand the map

Updated June 27, 2020 by Chris Birsner: As Among Us evolves and players become more adept at specific strategies, it's always a good idea to refresh your memory on the most crucial things to consider when playing on Polus. At the same time, it is critical for tactics to change, which is why some fresh ideas must be considered.

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You can't control your teammates, but you may choose not to participate. If you feel crowded out, try to interrupt the loop by presenting some important remarks.

This Among Us tactic is tough to execute, yet it has the potential to abruptly terminate games. Keep an eye on what the Imposters are doing if you're in a battle with many Imposters. You may not be able to communicate with them, but you may deduce their goals based on the sabotage they're carrying out, as well as their movements and positions on the map.

The map does not designate every room. Despite the fact that there is a job that must be accomplished in the Ventilator chamber (placed in the aforementioned space between Showers and Cargo Bay), it is not highlighted on the map. There's also the Hall of Portraits, which connects the Kitchen and Security but has no chores.

Imposter on Polus impersonating a Water Wheel in Among Us

If you follow these principles, you will be the best investigator in the game! Do you want a little more advice? Insiders say "lime" and "cyan," not "light green" and "light blue." Even better, because Among Us 2 has been canceled, there is no need to relearn the game for the sequel. Many of these abilities will also transfer to games like Among Us, so we have truly excelled here.


The animation takes a few seconds to complete once you contact with the Emergency button, so if an Imposter is nearby, you may be caught off guard. Sabotages involving the O2, Reactor, Communications, and Lights all impair Crewmates' ability to engage with the Emergency button, and each Emergency Meeting results in a cooldown.

There is safety in numbers.

You may use your sabotage talents to attract others away from a crime scene to prevent them from reporting the body, much like a crowd kill. Do you want to do a vent multi-kill? Begin by waiting inside a vent for your target, then murder, sabotage, and jump back in. When your crewmates have finished repairing the sabotage and your second victim enters, leap out and murder them before they can report the body.

Deduction is the Sherlock Holmes kind of logical reasoning, and crewmates can use this at the start of the game to begin narrowing down suspects. Often after the first kill, there will be around 2 to 4 potential suspects, all with their own alibi. This is the point where many Impostors will say they were with someone else, typically the other Impostor but not always, to get cleared of wrongdoing. The astute crewmate will pay attention to these alibis and keep track of who was with whom and who has seen what. An example might be a group of players waiting to perform a Medbay scan. If Red saw Yellow scan, Yellow saw Cyan scan, and Cyan saw Red scan, Yellow can reasonably assume Red is innocent and vouch for that innocence.

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