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Instead, the player will also have to explore around, unlock waypoints, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles to reach the required adventure level. It can be helpful to do these tasks in-between story chapters, whenever running from one place to the other.

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You'll be at your best when you're making constant use of your character's primary skills. Cycle through your chosen roster frequently in-battle to get elemental attacks off quickly, causing constant chain reactions for massive damage. It's one reason to build a diverse team.

Most Annoying Mechanics In Open-World Games

Most missions are locked to an Adventurer's Rank level, which can only be progressed by getting more XP. The various methods listed above are the quickest ways to do that, but unfortunately, you'll have to keep them constantly ticking over throughout your time in the game.

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‘Genshin Impact’ tries an interesting live service trick: Make a good game at launch

Genshin Impact's Interactive Map

There are eight world levels overall, but for adventure rank 25, 35, 45, and 50, you'll also have to complete a quest to raise it, meaning that you can personally choose when you're ready for things to get more difficult. World level also determines how high you can level your characters, so when the game tells you the level cap has been reached, you know its time to upgrade, or earn adventure rank until you're ready to upgrade.

You need to increase your Adventure Rank in order to unlock new features and receive rewards. This can be done by acquiring Adventure EXP that pushes your rank when you complete quests. So make sure that apart from exploring, you get back to Archon, Story, Commission, and World quests that have been assigned to you.


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Not only is the Serenitea Pot a nice diversion from the daily grinding and story quests, but it also awards you with Realm Currency. The more you build and expand your domain, the more currency you earn per hour. This can be exchanged for more blueprints to further develop the Pot, or for specialty items, such as character experience books, artifact experience items, and a weekly Resin fragment worth 60 Original Resin. The Serenitea Pot version, called a Transient Resin, can only be used within ten days of purchasing it, so you cannot stock up on this in the same way you can with Fragile Resin. Nonetheless, its a fine source for extra resin, so once you get your Realm Rank up, be sure to purchase this as soon as it becomes available.

Although the story is one of the best ways for progressing up adventure rank quickly, rushing it is not the best idea. Specifically, each story chapter has specific level requirements that cannot be reached by only doing the story.

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If you get stuck at some level or monster, you can turn to the co-op mode in the game (unlocked once you reach Adventure Rank 16). With Co-Op mode, you can invite other players to your map, or visit them in their worlds. You’ll find co-op mode very helpful in dealing with certain bosses, and having a higher-level player helping you out can allow you to kill some nasty bosses in under 30 seconds! But as is the general rule on the internet, be nice to everyone in Co-Op and people will be nice to you.

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Looking for a Genshin Impact guide? The free-to-play Action-RPG has risen to astounding popularity over the last year, and now more than ever, new players are flocking to Teyvat to start their very own journey with the Traveler. But Genshin Impact isn't as simple as it might seem.

Learn how to build characters and create a balanced party

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After playing it nonstop for the last week, I’ve found you need to approach this game much differently than other games featuring loot grinds, like the recent “Marvel’s Avengers.”

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Genshin Impact is a gacha game, but you don't have to do a single pull to unlock enough heroes for a versatile party - you just have to play through the story. As you play through, many of the characters you meet will automatically be added to your selection of heroes. You can always augment your group with random pulls, but it's not at all necessary at the start. If you're really desperate to get more choice early on, you can use the Wish System. Hidden in the menu this is the Gacha part of the game, essentially loot boxes - but you can use currency you earn in game to get new weapons and characters. Just make sure you save up your resources until you can get a bundle of ten, because the odds mean that with ten you're guaranteed a four star character or weapon.

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AR 16: Co-op and Domains of Forgery. Co-op lets you play with others, while domains of forgery are challenges that earn you materials for ascending weapons.

Always Do The Daily Commissions

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We're not the boss of you; spend as much money as you want. But as we cover in our How Much Of Genshin Impact Can You Play For Free? guide, spending money is not a necessity to get by. Through a combination of Fates the game gives you (10 at Level 5 and another 10 at Level 10, plus others scattered around), characters you unlock via progression, and upgrades you can make as you go, money is not essential when it comes to getting by in Genshin Impact. You can also take a look at our How To Reroll In Genshin Impact and How To Get Wishes In Genshin Impact to make that frugality stretch even further.


You'll earn plenty of XP just by burning, zapping and wind-blading monsters as you explore, and you can also find items like Wanderer's Notes to boost your character rank. Adventure Points, meanwhile, are easy to rack up as long as you exhibit slightly more curiosity than a dead hedgehog. You'll get them from unlocking teleport points, opening chests, and making offerings to the Statue of the Sevens that are dotted around the world. Exploring this way - checking out every chest that appears on the map - will mean you won't hit a bottleneck as you're crashing through the main story.

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I started the game thinking I needed a diverse roster on my team, one for each element. But that’s not necessarily the ideal way to play for every situation.

They give a ton of AR EXP, some Primogems, some Mora, and some other random Artifacts/items as well. And, as we said, there are only four of them and each one takes at most 5 minutes to do with a decent team. So at the very least pop on and knock these out, it'll make the grind that much easier, we promise.

Pretty much all of the characters are somewhat viable, so once you settle on your favorites, you can upgrade them. This is done through the Character menu, where you'll need to select Level Up. You can do this fairly easily up to level 20, where you'll need to Ascend each character, which unlocks at Adventurer Level 15.

Use Elemental Attacks

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Talking to every character in the game is a good general tip for any role-playing game, and it applies to “Genshin Impact.” At a certain point in the game, you’ll be asked to do a quest in the cathedral of Monstadt, the starting region. Go there and find a nun named Victoria.

With each tier having rewards like Mora, Primogems, or even Fates, completing the Battle Pass provides a solid amount of rewards. Lastly, Battle Passes last a bit over a month, with the current one ending on the 29th of August, 2022.

Elemental bursts and skills make up the fundamental basis of combat in Genshin Impact. However, players shouldn't feel as though combat is the only use of a character's talents.

To get resources for both sets of upgrades, you need to gather them in the world - more on that below - and destroy the weapons you aren't using through the inventory menu.

Genshin Impact is a Gacha game no doubt, with the most obvious tell being the Wish system where players roll the odds to see if they'll unlock a 5-star character/weapon. Of course, people can throw money at this game and roll as many times as they want, but there is a pretty well-developed in-game loop for getting Primogems (the currency for wishing) without spending a dime.

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