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Would I recommend Bali – absolutely!

As a small business owner I love nothing better than a break where I can relax, unwind and recalibrate. Everytime we go away our team cringe as we come back full of ideas and inspiration on how we can improve our businesses. This usually results in change but always for the better.

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Bali. It was a much needed break after a busy summer season and start to 2019. I haven’t been to Bali for six years and this year we returned on recommendations from people who love food and the restaurant scene like we do. I don’t remember Bali for its restaurants after my last visit but this time I was armed with great recommendations and had a list of places to visit.

We weren’t disappointed. The quality of restaurants and cafes in Bali is absolutely incredible and I was super impressed. Its not often you can go away on a holiday for two weeks, eat out every night and not be disappointed.

What strikes me about the majority of the restaurants we visited (we did a mix of cheap and high-end) is how clear and concise they are with their concept and overall vision. What is even more impressive is their ability to actually take you there…

Let me explain. Sisterfields Cafe in Seminyak was one of our favourite haunts for brunch and coffee. The food was fabulous, the menu was diverse and creative & the service was excellent. I could easily have been sitting in any trendy cafe in Melbourne and it felt surreal experiencing this in Bali. They are so on point and this is how they describe themselves on their website…

"Sisterfields represents the cafe culture of Australia, bringing a love of good food and great coffee to the heart of Bali."

Another great example was our experience at Motel Mexicola. This crazy, loud and colourful venue will take you right to Mexico. From the fresh street style food to the crazy cocktails and tasty classics right to the fun-filled atmosphere that is way over the top, but works. The experience was genuine, filled with laughter and we could have been back in Mexico.

Then there was Warung Chef Bagus; just wow. This is local Indonesian cuisine that delivered ten-fold on flavour and is one of the best meals I’ve had. Again, the service is on-point and the overall experience was what you’d expect in Bali for a very reasonable price.

I could go on with the places we visited. Barbacoa, Slippery Stone, Ultimo the list is endless but they all have one thing in common – a clear & concise concept that transports you there 100%.

It definitely begged the question for my husband and I about whether or not we are taking our customers to a place that absolutely aligns with our concept and vision. We did a lot of work on vision and goal setting last year but after this trip we are committed to taking this one step further. It’s exciting, our team are pumped and on board and so change is on the horizon – all good of course!

Thank you Bali. A holiday that inspires and energises you is a great investment in my book. The food, the people, the service and the weather were all spot on.

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