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Nights Delight at Winey Cow

Originally published in Mornington Life Magazine

Night time dining at the Winey Cow is a little different these days. Executive head chef David Ryan has created a menu close to his heart and full of flavours from the Far East, merging them with diverse Peninsula produce to create a contemporary foodie-loving feasting experience.

Clever spice combination, konro (authentic Japanese barbecue) grilling and the use of ingredients such as yuzu (Japanese citrus lemon) and bush salt take this talented chef’s dishes to the next level. Flavour creations have sprung from his travels throughout Asia and the memories made through taste, sight and sensory reduction. From the streets of Singapore and Hong Kong to Main St, Mornington, nights at the Winey Cow will have your taste-buds circling for more.

Owner Jill Henderson explains. “The story behind our menu is meaningful. David has interpreted and reinvented flavor combinations and concepts from the places he loves, while hot coal konro barbecuing seals the food quickly to enhance flavours. Expect sweet, salty and sour and experience David’s own seven-spice sashimi. Indulge in Hong Kong-style chicken bathed in five-spice stock with crispy skin or juice-infused kingfish collar. These are dishes with difference – contemporary food made from local produce and international flavours.”

This is cuisine that David loves to make and eat. The Winey Cow also offers a wide range of eclectic Mornington Peninsula wines and a cocktail list that satisfies the most discreet lover of pre-dinner sophistication.

Each diner leaves the ‘Nights at Winey’ experience with a complimentary bag of seven-spice to explore and create their memories with friends and family at home. How wonderful!

You can book for dinner online via the Winey Cow’s website or through Facebook. The Winey Cow is open Wednesday to Saturday nights from 6pm.

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