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Open for dinner service!

The Winey Cow is open for dinner service every Wednesday through to Saturday night. Our dinner menu is designed by Chef Dave Ryan and shares his food experiences from Asia. All our food is locally sourced where possible and our Australian dishes are prepared with Asian flavours and cooking techniques, making this menu truly unique.

The dishes on this menu tell his stories of discovery in the Hawker Halls in Singapore, the Dai Pai Dong markets in Hong Kong and our personal favourite; food cooked on an authentic Japanese Kronos. We use this ancient Japanese BBQ in Winey which is made from insulate called Keisodo. It is a natural product derived from fossilised remains of plankton mixed with volcanic ash. The Keisodo in our BBQ is over 20,000 years old. This cooking technique seals food very quickly so natural flavours are enhanced resulting in seriously delicious food. Dave's menu is packed with flavour so expect sweet, salty and sour...

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